WP6 - Clinical studies


The specific objectives are:

  1. Building on WPs 3-5, to define an optimal immunomonitoring strategy for testing potentially tolerogenic therapies.

  2. Building on data from WP2, to reach a consensus for the optimal and precise target population(s) for studies of potentially tolerogenic therapies in individuals at-risk for development of RA or in the earliest stages of RA.

  3. To explore trial strategies that may enable consecutive testing of a number of potentially tolerogenic therapies in the population(s) defined in objective 2.

  4. To determine which tolerogenic therapies to test in the population defined in objective 2.

  5. To design efficient but informative experimental medicine studies of interventions defined in objective 4, for patients defined in objective 2.


  • KI

  • DRFZ

  • MUW

  • UKER

  • UNEW (lead)

  • UGLA

  • LUMC

  • UQ

  • SE

  • UCB

  • GSK

  • BMS (lead)


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