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RTCure's first workshop

Updated: May 30, 2018

2018 was started with a fruitful WP3 workshop in Berlin. Action groups has been set up among the different WP3 partners. Thank you all for the extensive participation and interesting discussions!


  • Place: Berlin, Germany​

  • Date: 29-30 January, 2018

  • Number of participants: 48 participants

  • Objective: To make every WP3 participant aware of the integrated WP3 plan and to identify how an individual member’s research is contributing to the three main objectives with specific links to the six deliverables

  • Programme: Presentations by academic partners on how their work links to the objectives and deliverables followed by discussions to identify potential collaborative studies and areas to which EFPIA partners can contribute.

  • Results: We set up 6 action groups corresponding to the different WP3 deliverables. Each group consists of a lead person and multiple participants.



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