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WP4 Workshop on Immune Profiling

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

On March 28 2018, the first WP4 workshop on immune profiling was organized by the WP4 leaders Stephen Rapecki (UCB) and Andrew Cope (KCL). This workshop was hosted at UCB in Slough.


  • Place: Slough, United Kingdom​

  • Date: 28 March, 2018

  • Number of participants: 27 participants

  • Objective: The aim of this workshop is threefold: (1) to identify partners who can contribute to the immunophenotyping platforms in RTCure, (2) to define harmonisation processes and SOPs and (3) to identify a selection of immunogenic markers.

  • Programme: There were presentations by the WP4 leaders (Andrew Cope, KCL and Stephen Rapecki, UCB) on the questions that needs to be addressed in RTCure with flow and mass cytometry, on the harmonisation processes of both types of cytometry, on the sample substrate and SOPs regarding fresh, archived and clinical trial data, and on the definition of a marker repertoire. The day ended with a presentation by Esperanza Perucha (KCL) together with Rowann Bowcutt (UCB) on the data roadmap and analytics and the determination of the next steps.

  • Results: During this meeting we made a lot of progress for planning of the WP4 tasks. A panel of markers for immune monitoring by flow cytometry/CYTOF was generated. Furthermore, 4 centres (UCB, KCL, DRFZ and JSSN) will start with CYTOF harmonisation and 3 centres will start with flow cytometry harmonisation (UGLA, UNEW, Pfizer). This will be coordinated by Rowann Bowcutt (UCB).

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